We know, from personal experience, how frustrating it can be to try find what you are looking for by searching through tool site after tool site for a particular brand or a particular tool or woodworking product. We thought wed save you some time in your search for woodworking tools and woodworking supplies by compiling the following chart. Down the left side, you will see a list of product types and brands and by glancing at the columns to the right, you will be able to see which suppliers carry woodworking tools, woodworking supplies or woodworking brands you are looking for. Not all suppliers carry all products or brands so this chart should make things easier for you.

           On the right column of this page, you will see ad links to all of the suppliers in the chart. Click on any of these links and you will be taken to the supplier of your choice. As an alternative, you may click on any “X” in the chart to be immediately taken to the appropriate supplier. Either way, you will be taken away from this site, PerfectWoodworking.com, so to find us easily, once again, be sure to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE before you go.

You will note that there multiple ad links to CPO. That’s because CPO markets its brands of woodworking tools on individual sites like CPOPowermatic.com or CPOMakita.com so be sure to click on the appropriate CPO ad link for the brand you need.

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